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SirMax Play is an entertainment platform that gives everyone an opportunity to share content , showcase talent and most importantly get entertained. This entertainment hub is there for free.

SirMax DJ Academy

SirMax's DJ School in Nairobi offers students the skills to kick off a successful career on the decks. SirMax students are provided with in-depth knowledge and training in the latest technologies, tools and techniques used in contemporary electronic performance and production. Our comprehensive DJ classes include subjects in Beat-Matching, Vinyl Turntablism, various DAWs such as Ableton Live and Maschine, Digital DJ solutions such as Traktor Pro and Serato DJ, Remixing, Sound Design and much more. Students will also be trained on tools that have shaped DJing, such as Vinyl DJ’ing, Controllers and CDJ setups.


DJ Academy 30% Off

We are offering 30% off all dj Classes